Retaining Wall from Double-twisted Mesh Gabion
We apply abutment walls from Double-twisted Mesh Gabion in cases where we would like to retain wet lands, steep garden sides or where retaining walls of greater level difference are to be implemented without concreting. The gabions are steel wire structures filled with stone on site; by their weight, they ensure the stability of steep highwalls. The systems constructed with a dry technology i.e. no use of mortar, are the most ancient constructions of humanity. It was more than 100 years ago when stone was first put into steel baskets.

The gabion structures are constructed in a fast and cost-efficient way and are extremely suitable for the stabilization of steep slopes in mountainous areas or on terrains with unfavourable soil conditions.

The gabion retaining walls are flexible, however, at the same time, the ground movements do not cause damage in their load bearing capacity, unlike other abutments with concrete structures, where the possible cracks and breaks lead to complete obsolescence of the system.

Consequently, the gabion structures are cost-effective and attractive alternatives instead of concrete retaining walls. The boxes can be filled with local stone or also with broken pieces of concrete. Two conditions must be met when choosing the filling material: the fraction is to be bigger than the grid size and it has to be frost-proof as well.

The retaining systems must also meet aesthetic and environmental requirements, besides the technical ones. In one or two years, plants will start to flower; but we can also deliberately plant selected species into the structure. This characteristic of the Gabion retaining wall also shows that it is a much more advantageous system than other retaining structures.

The Gabion system also ensures free draining, therefore no drainage system is necessary to be built in, unlike the concrete systems for instance, in which it is inevitable. On the soil-touching sides of the structure, there is geotextile of high water permeability installed, so that the holes among the stones or gravels do not get clogged. The cost of the system is 25% less than that of the concrete retaining wall structures.
The rectangular-shaped boxes are produced in different sizes from galvanized i.e. Aluminium-Zinc platted mesh with a double-twisting technology. The wire diameter is, in general 2.7mm. The general size of the boxes is 1x1m or 1x0.5m with a square cross-section; with or without dividing mesh (one diaphragm per meter). The structures can be applied as retaining wall, highwall protection, waterfront protection or noise barrier.

The bed mattresses are rectangular shaped products of 4-12m2, with a maximal height of 30cm which are used for the coating of mainly river, but also still-water beds, for the actual protection of the beds.
Technical features:
The material of the mesh: steel wire with a strength of 372-540 N/mm2, according to the EN 10218-2 and the BS1052/80 standards. (Approximately the same as the S 235 J2 G3-coded material, according to the MSz EN 10025:1998)
Zinc-coating: 260g/m2 (BS 443:1982)
Protected by zinc-plating and PVC-coating also.

The structures are produced from a double-twisted steel wire-mesh developed with hexagonal grains. Most of the types of the Gabion can be ordered with diaphragms i.e. intermediate divider elements, or without them. The sides of the gabion baskets are held together with tying cords.
The Gabion boxes are divided into chambers by the use of diaphragms (one diaphragm per meter). The wire is from thickly galvanized (Aluminium-Zinc platted) mild steel. The mesh is developed into a honeycomb structure in which the gaps’ width is D=80-100mm; the wire diameter is d=2.7mm.
D=80 x 100mm
d=2,7; 3,0mm
Gabion baskets
L=1,5; 2,0; 3,0; 4,0m ± 3%
B=1m ± 5%
H=0,5; 1m ± 5%
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The double-twisting technology prevents the possibly cut or torn wire spear from unravelling; in every case the error is limited to the surrounding sections. The binding of the elements is implemented by the application of staple wire or stapler clip.
A kibomlás elleni fonott háló duplán sodort hálószem kapcsolatai megakadályozzák az esetleg elvágott vagy elszakadt szál kibomlását, a hibahely minden esetben a környező mezőkre korlátozódik. Az elemek összeállítása fűződróttal és/vagy tűzőkapoccsal történhet.
  • Retaining systems and supporting structures in civil engineering, road- and rail construction and groundworks, water and garden architecture
  • Waterfront and erosion protection
Product properties:
  • Maximal carrying capacity and flexibility
  • Meets the highest static requirements
  • Free draining - not exposed to hydrostatic pressure
The assembly of the baskets
The gabion elements are delivered to the site in a folded state in tied packages. After separating the boxes, the assembly of the gabions is executed one by one, manually. The assembled boxes are installed onto a prepared terrain according to the relevant plans. When the filling material is stones of the same and relatively smaller fractions, the filling is implemented by smelting. The filling aggregate is either broken stone or shingle.
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From Double-twisted Mesh Gabion
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